You Can't Trick This Cat!

You know the game.

Someone hides an object under a cup or shell, and you have to follow it with your eyes.

They switch the one with the object along with two empty ones at a fast pace.

Can you keep up?

At the end, you have to pick which one contains the object.

The degree of difficulty depends on how fast the objects are moved.

But, that is a game for humans right?

Not anymore!

This cat knows how to play the game better than you do!

He watches the shells intently, and when it is time to pick, he easily gets it right!

Is he following it with his eyes like we do?

Or does his superior sense of smell help him find which one contains the treat?

Hard to say, but it is still fun to watch!

He takes a moment to study each one before knocking over the correct one.

The person in the video lifts the other two shells to show they are the empty ones.

The cat then takes the opportunity to jump to the floor to claim his treat.

It is certainly well deserved!

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