Yoga Fail Scares the Ish Out of These Cats

Over the past several months, we've given readers plenty of examples of times that cats failed at life.

There was the time the cat climbed the Christmas tree and then came crashing back down to earth.

Or the time the cat came across the toaster and literally flipped way out in fear.

But what about when humans fail? How do felines response in those situations?

Because we're not perfect, either, folks. We make mistakes. We make fools of ourselves.

We attempt Yoga positions that we cannot hold, only to tumble over and scare the living heck out of our pets.

That's exactly what takes place in the following video. 

Watch to see a woman end up flat on her back after falling during exercise... but especially watch to see how her various cats ALL respond in the same hilarious fashion. 

We love it:

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