Woman’s Short Cut Causes a Splash!

We’ve all done it.

Tried to take a short cut and had it not work out so well.

Well this one turned into an epic fail.

Or should we say fall.

This woman decided to use a child’s tricycle to make her way around the pool.

A child’s bike probably shouldn’t be poolside anyway.

It’s just not safe!

And as if to prove that point.

This woman ends up in the pool.

It didn’t help that she was much too big for the tiny bike.

The wheels, literally, fell off during her ride.

That should teach her to play with somebody else’s toys.

We think she owes someone a new bike...

After she manages to get dried off.

You’ll have to watch it to believe it.

And then share with family and friends.

Because everyone deserves to smile today. 

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