Who Will This Dog Snub for a Slice of Pizza?

Some humans can be fickle friends.

Who knew that could apply to dogs too?

Meet Benji.

He’s a four-month-old Maltese / Shih Tzu mix

And he really loves his best friend. 

Just watch as his owner asks him to point him out. 

Time and time again Benji uses his little paw to point out the same stuffed animal.

He chooses the stuffed moose no matter how many other choices there are.

It all seems like a done deal.

Until the pizza enters the picture.

Yup, when Benji has to choose between his friend the moose and a slice of pizza…

The pizza wins. 

But if the moose has ever eaten pizza, he’d probably understand.

Benji is so adorable, you really have to watch.

Then share with friends.

Because everyone deserves to smile today.

And we’re fairly certain that Benji can make that happen. 

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