What Did This Dog Just Do?

This is one VERY bad dog.

This kid was just hanging out on the couch watching a little TV.

For some unknown reason, this dog was not okay with that.

Something must have bothered him.

Did he see something on the TV that he didn't like?

Did he want the kid to stop watching and pay attention to him?

If that was the case, he really should have just tried barking.

But, this dog went to more extreme measures.

If attention was what he wanted, well, he sure got it, but probably not the kind he was going for.

So what did the dog do?

He walked right up to the TV, jumped up on his back legs, and knocked it right over!

He just barely managed to get out of the way before it came crashing down on top of him.

The kid jumped up, completely taken by surprise as it all happened so fast.

Dad came running in to investigate the loud noise.

The kid defended himself, explaining that the dog did it.

He is lucky this was all caught on camera, because it does not appear that his dad totally believed him.

So what possessed this dog to knock over the TV?

We will never know.

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