We Bet You’ve Never Seen a Proposal Take Place Inside a Spin Class Before, Right?

Here's a new reason to start attending your local spin class:

You never know when someone will propose in it!

The following video features Adam Kelly, an instructor at a spin class called JoyRide in Ridgefield, Connecticut who used this past Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to shock his boyfriend, Jared.

Adam and Jared met last March when the former arrived this studio, seeking an instructor job.

Jared was responsible for training Adam, but their bond quickly turned from professional to personal.

Both sides say there was a connection as soon as they met, with the sparks obvious to anyone who knows them. 

They went on their first date within a week of meeting and, two years later, Jared was taking a class with Adam in charge.

But he had absolutely no idea what would come out of this glass. A lot more than just some burned calories, that's for sure!

Watch the following piece of fun footage to see how Adam, with the help of others in the class, took Jared by complete romantic surprise:

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