Watch Out for Darth Guinea Pig!

Watch out!

These Star Wars Legos are about to be attacked!

They have been set up by a couple of kids who decided to make a movie.

But these Jedi warriors are not safe surrounded by the broccoli forest all around them.

They may think they are safe, but that is when Darth Guinea Pig chooses to make his move!

He comes out of nowhere, nose twitching and mouth open, invading the Legos.

Really he wants the broccoli, but he can't get to it without taking out a few Jedi knights along the way.

He leaves a path of destruction in his wake as he knocks them all down and chomps away on the vegetables.

No Jedi is spared as he continues his demolition attack.

The force may be with them, but it is no match for the dark side possessed by the Guinea Pig.

The kids watch in horror as their favorite heroes get taken out one by one, filming the whole massacre.

Perhaps these kids will grow up to be film makers.

They certainly have a knack for it already!

Check out their video of Darth Guinea Pig's attack on the Jedi Legos!

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