Students Make Way for Ducklings … Literally!

This is one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen.

And they do it every year.

It’s a tradition at Grover Elementary School.

Quite possibly the cutest tradition ever!

They make way for ducklings…


This mama duck and her ducklings have been nesting in the school's interior courtyard.

Apparently it must be quite the cozy spot as this happens every year.

So every spring, the school holds a ceremony and escorts the little family to a nearby pond.

The entire school turns out to help.

With children sitting on either side of the path from the courtyard to the pond.

We’re guessing that mama duck must be a little freaked out by the crowd.

She’s probably thrilled to get her little feathered family to the pond for some alone time.

Watch and see this amazing event take place.

Then share with friends.

Because everyone deserves to smile today. 

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