Want to Hug a Bear? Don’t! Check Out These Epic Zoo Fails!

Animals at the zoo may look all warm and fuzzy, but that doesn't mean they're up for a hug.

Take Binky, the polar bear, who was found orphaned as a cub and brought to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. 

But apparently Binky wasn’t thrilled with his visitors. 

He once bit a zoo employee's finger off and also mauled the legs of not one, but two idiotic tourists who thought they could jump the fences and get a closer look. 

Then there’s Gu Gu, the giant panda at the Beijing Zoo.  

More than one zoo goer thought the panda was so cute that he needed a hug.

Gu Gu didn’t agree and left his teeth marks in their legs. 

One father snuck into Gu Gu’s enclosure to retrieve his child’s toy. Tools had to be use to pry the panda’s jaws off the man’s leg!

In Warsaw, Poland, a man in shorts and no shoes decided to get up close and personal with the zoo’s brown bears. 

Witnesses say the man took a swing at the 440 lbs. bear.

Not surprisingly, the bear won the fight.

Luckily for the man in question, he actually lived. 

Why any sane person would think crossing the well marked boundaries and entering a wild animals enclosure is a mystery to us.

But there’s at least five more stories here of such lunacy. 

And one of a zoo that even seems to encourage it. 

From bears to lions to wolves and even orcas. 

Keeping animals in captivity is a dangerous and sometimes deadly business.

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