This Rottweiler May Never Stop Jumping on This Trampoline

Rottweiler's are full of energy. 

You need to take them long walks and give them lots of attention. 

So, if you're a walker, a rottweiler is a great companion for you. 

One thing about rottweilers is that they all seem to have the same mannerisms. 

They're always happy and just want to make their owner smiler.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. 

We have a video of one of them on a trampoline. 

It's totally cute. 

It seems like something she does very often. 

She just jumps back and forth, runs around in circles. 

She stops for the occasional nap, but apart from that, she loves it. 

She sometimes stops and gives the person filming a look as though, "why are you pointing a camera at me?"

The moral of the story is, that you should totally get your dog a trampoline. 

They're great for burning the calories, but you're dog will love it, too!

If you have two minutes to spare, you need to see the video. 

It will make you want a rottweiler and maybe a trampoline!

Remember to share the video with your friends and family because it's one of those ones that just has to be shared!

Click play!

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