This is What Happens When Little Boys Get Into the Flour

Here we have two adorable little boys.

The younger one went exploring in the kitchen, and came across the tub of flour.

Flour can be incredibly messy, but that just makes it all the more enticing to little kids.

This little boy, Jack, just could not resist playing with it, and the resulting mess is quite the spectacle.

He is not the only one covered in flour though, his older brother is too.

The older boy insists he had nothing to do with it, and that his younger brother is completely at fault.

The younger boy does take responsibility, admitting that he did it, though he does try to put the blame on Jonathan at one point.

Mom is clearly not happy about the huge mess in the kitchen.

She also does not believe her older son took no part in creating it.

Jack may have started it, but chances are Jonathan was inticed to participate.

Regardless, we now have a video of two adorable boys completely covered in flour.

Even as they're being questioned they're still playing with it!

I definitely do not envy the clean up that followed this video!

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