These Lions Don't Look So Scary When Playing with Toys!

Big cats are really just that. Big cats.

Sure, they may be much stronger and way more deadly than your typical house cat, but give them some catnip or their favorite toy and you can barely see the difference!

These lions are the perfect example of that.

At the Oregon Zoo, they modeled a rope made of butcher paper after similar toys you would see in a pet store.

It seems so simple and unimpressive, but the six lions at the zoo absolutely love it!

They lower the rope down to the lions, forcing them to leap up into the air to try to grab it.

When they successfully manage to rip part of it off the toy, they proceed to rip it to shreds, celebrating their victory.

The toy gives them an opportunity to use their instincts as they would in the wild.

The toy acts as their prey and they use their powerful back legs to pounce on it.

It keeps the lions physically and mentally fit.

Plus, it is super cute to watch them leap up in the air after it!

The Oregon Zoo works with an organization in Africa to help reduce the human/lion conflict and protect the animals.

Check out these adorable playful lions!

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