Teacher Who Beat Cancer is Blown Away by Student Surprise

Gabrielyn Watson is a choir teacher who has touched the lives of nearly everyone with whom she has come in contact.

After learning that Ms. Watson recently took several months off to battle multiple myeloma - and now is in full remission - her former students knew that they had to see her. 

And that they had to do something very special for her.

Hence why a group of the young men and women gathered at Chicago’s Morgan Park High School to take Ms. Watson by extreme surprise with a rendition of Amazing Grace.

And let's just say that the surprise worked out pretty darn well.

And then some!

The surprise was sponsored by Kleenex, which was appropriate because we see below how the 59-year-old dropped to the floor after her students started to sing. She couldn’t stop crying.

She could use a few boxes of Kleenex right about now.

To be honest, after viewing this video, so could we...

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