Stephen Colbert Mocks Tinder, The Bachelor

Stephen Colbert addresses a national crisis in the following clip from The Late Show on CBS.

The evening before, Tinder actually went down for a number of hours, which meant that millions of users lost their matches and their messages and had to basically start over on the popular dating app.

The comedian made a bit of fun of how one meets someone else via this method, but he then pivoted to the "old fashioned" way of finding true love:

By appearing on The Bachelor.

After joking that ABC now stands for "A Bachelor Channel," Colbert went on to discount how Ben Higgins broke protocol and told two women that he loved them.

Then, on the finale, Ben selected fight attendant Lauren Bushnell to be his wife.

How did Colbert feel about this decision? What does the future hold for JoJo? To where did ABC allegedly whisk the runner-up?

Watch Colbert hilarious rundown of this insane reality series now and then, of course, sound off: Will Ben and Lauren make it down the aisle?

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