Pit Bull Welcomes Owner Home in Most Loving, Ecstatic Way Possible

Hmm... do you think the pit bull featured in the video below missed his owner?

We can't tell for certain.

The Scottish SPCA shared this footage on its Facebook page as a way to depict just how loyal and loving pit bulls can be.

The animal in question is named Patch and the video's caption says that his owner had been gone for a week.

A week really isn't that long of a period of time, of course... but try telling that to Patch!

As soon as the man walks in the door, the dog goes absolutely bonkers. In the cutest, most adorable and emotional way possible.

He jumps up on his human. He runs all around. He licks and he licks and then he licks some more.

We all should be greeted this enthusiastically after a time away, shouldn't we?

That's just one of several reasons to adopt a dog. They show you unabashed, total and complete love. It really is an amazing feeling.

Watch the video to see Patch go nuts and just try not to smile throughout the entire thing. We couldn't do it.

Heck, we're still smiling now...

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