No Hind Legs? No Problem for This Squirrel!

This is something you don't see every day.

While squirrels are very common animals, this one is anything but common.

What makes him so different?

Well, he apparently was born without his hind legs!

Now, you would think that would hinder this squirrel's ability to get around.

He probably needs lots of help from his friends and family to collect nuts and such.

Or, maybe not?

He has totally mastered the walking handstand!

That's right, this squirrel can get around no problem on his front legs!

He actually moves pretty fast too!

He can get where he needs to go, and he can still stuff nuts into his furry cheeks to store for winter.

He is not about to let this disability get him down!

Apparently the person who took this video just happened across this special little guy while walking the dog.

What would you do if you saw a squirrel with no back legs running around the neighborhood?

I'd probably film it too.

This is one impressive little guy!

Good for him!

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