Melissa McCarthy Just Won Lip Sync Battle Forever

That's it! Shut it down! It's over!

We know that Lip Sync Battle is one of the most popular segments on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, so much so that it spawned its very own series on Spike TV.

But they really should put an end to it now.

Because no one will ever be able to top the following performance by Melissa McCarthy.

As you'll see below, Fallon kicked off the first of two rounds of competition with his rendition of Melanie's "Brand New Key" - but it was McCarthy's DMX's "X Gon' Give It To Ya" that got everyone on their feet.

And she was only getting started.

Later on, McCarthy broke out "Colors of the Wind" from the Disney movie Pocahontas, which was funny enough on its own for being so random.

But after she put on goggles... and a fake wind storm belted her with leaves and fake forest animals... well, like we said above, this thing was over.

Can you imagine anyone except Melissa McCarthy pulling this off? We love it.

Watch now:

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