Mean Dad Won't Let Crying Girl Have Beer

Parents can be so mean sometimes, can't they?

Kids cry and cry because mom and dad said they can't have dessert before dinner.

Or they can't go outside without a coat.

There are all kinds of things kids want but parents just have to say no.

This little girl is making an odd request though.

She is asking her dad for beer, which is obviously refuses to give her.

She continues to cry and wail, but dad keeps saying no.

He does offer an alternative, saying she can have apple juice instead.

That does not work though, because she does not want apple juice.

She wants beer.

Dad doesn't have many options here, but maybe he could try giving her the apple juice and telling her it is beer?

The funny thing is, if he did give her a sip of beer, chances are she would hate it and never want it again!

Kids are funny that way.

They think they want something, and no matter how much we try to explain they will not like it, it does not deter them.

This little girl can cry all she wants, but she is not getting beer!

She'll just have to settle for apple juice or nothing.

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