Koala Climbs Up Woman's Leg, Demands CUDDLES OMG OMG

Who doesn't love to lean in close and bask in the warmth of some nice cuddles, hugs, snuggles and love from their children or pets?

That's right. Exactly no human being in the history of ever.

While this customary practice is a regular form of bonding at home, rarely do you get to experience such a thing with a wild animal!

In that sense, we are very, very jealous of this woman.

Watch in AWWW as this koala walks up to her and starts climbing up her leg into her arms for some snuggles ... of its own volition!

Those claws might hurt, but the cuddles were worth it.

Have you ever held a koala? Or an animal you wouldn't normally associate with lounging around and snuggling at home? Tell us!

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