Jon Stewart Gives Belly Rubs…to Pigs!

In case you didn’t know it…

Jon Stewart is an animal lover. 

So much so that he and his wife own their own farm. 

Let’s meet his pigs…

Anna and Maybelle.

They were found as two tiny piglets.

Left on the side of the road on a busy Georgia highway. 

Thankfully they were rescued.

And brought all the way to a rescue organization in New York state called Farm Sanctuary.

It just so happens that Stewart and his wife visited the facility.

Then ended up taking home the two pigs. 

And boy have they gotten big!

Watch as Jon indulges in some piggie belly rubs.

It appears that he’s so good at it that it puts the contented animals right to sleep. 

A nap in the sun and a belly rub…

What else could a pig ask for?

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