Jimmy Kimmel Recaps The Bachelor… Via Emoji

So, what took place on The Bachelor this week?

You could actually sit through two hours of painfully scripted nonsense to find out, possibly throwing your remote at the television on multiple occasions in response to things Ben Higgins and his suitors said.

Or you could spend 90 seconds having Jimmy Kimmel explain everything to you. Via emoji!

See, Ben went on a hometown date Monday night, going in depth about the woman who has two kids and who "sounds like a mouse."

They went to the beach. They made an octopus in the sand.

Then there was some boring stuff... some adult braces being wore... some brothers who hated Ben... some champagne swigging... and, of course, a rose ceremony in which Ben sent someone home and after which many teas were shed.

Kimmel also previews next week's episode, but be warned: there are some NSFW emjois on the way for that one.

Huh? How so? Find out now:

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