Jimmy Kimmel Presents… Captain America: Civil War - Presidential Election Version

Comic book fans around the globe are excited for Captain America: Civil War.

It will pit Captain America against Iron Man and is expected to make quite a few bucks at the theater.

But Jimmy Kimmel explains on his talk show Monday night that Marvel saw the opportunity to spinoff this blockbuster already, coming up with a way to combine its superheroes with the 2016 Presidential Election.

After all, both the movie and the election feature former friends who are now enemies.

They also both feature powerful men and women who are cartoon characters.

So why not have a "diabolical billionaire" face off against an "all-American idealist?"

Why not have Donald Trump suit up and take on Bernie Sanders? Would anyone not watch this movie?!?

Find out for yourself when you watch the following trailer forCaptain America: Civil War - Presidential Election Version!

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