James Corden Creates Justin Bieber-Themed Soap Opera (You Have to Watch This!)

James Corden and a few of his celebrity friends just won television and the Internet forever.

On Tuesday night's edition of The Late Late Show, the host got together with Ray Romano, Salma Hayek and Gary Oldman to put on an episode of The Bold and the Lyrical.

What is this, you may be wondering?

It is a soap opera whose dialogue is comprised solely of Justin Bieber lyrics from such songs as “Boyfriend, “What Do You Mean?,” “Sorry,” “Eenie Meenie,” and “Love Yourself.”

And it might be the best thing we've ever seen in our entire lives.

The fake show centered on Hayek being at the center of a love triangle that also included Romano and Corden. When the latter walked in, he expressed his shock at finding Hayek with another man by screaming:

"Baby! Baby! Baby!"

You don't need to be a true Belieber to recognize these words.

Things just got more awesome and ridiculous from there, with Corden telling Hayek she nods her “head yes,” but really wants to “say no” after she claims that she and Romano are just friends.

Oldman eventually comes in as yet another lover, bringing the house down when he quotes Bieber and declares:

"When I was 13, I had my first love. There was nobody that compared to my baby, and nobody came between us or could ever come above. She had me goin’ crazy.”

You need to watch this amazing parody for yourself:

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