Man Builds a Jurassic Park... for His Tortoise

Is there really a Jurassic Park?

Well, perhaps not one with actual dinosaurs.

But we’ve got the next best thing.

Oliver Turpin built his own mini version of the iconic movie park.

All for his tortoise.

That’s right. Louie is his leopard tortoise.

And he’s got his very own version of Jurassic Park.

There are the iconic gates, a swimming area and lots of grass to munch.

Louie doesn’t live in the park, he just visits.

His owner says he loves to hang out there in the sunshine and eat.

We think Louie’s got a pretty cool set up…

And quite the attentive owner.

You’ll have to check it out to believe it.

If you’re nice, maybe Louie will let you visit his own Jurassic Park.

At least Louie's not big enough to eat you!

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