Husky Wants to Do One Thing More Than Walk

We all know little kids can and will throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way. 

But apparently, so will dogs!

This Husky loves bath time, which is surprising in itself as a lot of dogs generally don't. 

This dog wants the water turned on so that he can play in it, and he lies in the tub waiting for it. 

But his owner says no, she's not going to turn the water on right now. 

It is time to go for a walk, not play in the tub. 

The dog is very unhappy about this, and whines and whines, hoping his owner will give in and turn on the water. 

She resists his demands though, and continues to tell him to get out of the tub and go for a walk. 

Most dogs will immediately jump at the chance to go for a walk, but this dog really wants to play in the tub right now. 

When laying there whining doesn't work, he sits up and tries barking, basically his way of just crying louder. 

That does not work either though, and eventually the dog reluctantly gets out of the tub and goes for his walk!

At least a walk is not a bad consolation prize!

Maybe he got to play in the tub later after the walk? 

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