Hey Kid, That's a Vacuum, Not a Lawn Mower...

Okay, so apparently this kid knows how to operate a lawn mower, but has never had to vacuum the carpet.

So, when tasked with the new chore, he first had to figure out how to work the contraption.

The vacuum had one of those retractable power cords, so he must have seen that and figured it worked similar to a lawn mower.

That's when he decided to start yanking on the power cord, over and over, expecting the vacuum to start up like a lawn mower.

Of course it didn't, because that is now how vacuum cleaners work.

His dad meanwhile is watching the whole display and offering his words of...encouragement.

Really, he's messing with him, pretending like he's doing what he is supposed to and the machine should start up.

The dad is clearly getting his jollies out of this one, and it is pretty entertaining to watch.

It is basically a parent's job to tease their kids when they do silly things like this, so who can blame him for having a little fun?

Eventually of course, he does tell him that the cord needs to be plugged into the wall, and that the vacuum has a power switch on it.

The kid probably felt pretty dumb after this one!

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