Helpful Dog Serves as Step Stool for Toddler

Dogs can be very helpful creatures.

Not only do they make great pets because of their loyalty and love, but they can also be useful!

This toddler and his pet dog are clearly best buds.

We know this because this dog is willing to put up with some things he probably shouldn't have to.

But, that's what happens when you are a pet living with a little kid.

So, now this little kid needs to reach the sink to wash his hands.

He can't reach it all on his own, and there is no chair or step stool around.

Sure his mom could just lift him up to the sink.

But anyone who has been around kids knows they tend to like to do things themselves.

So what is he to do?

That is where the super friendly and helpful pet dog comes in!

The dog just happens to be standing right under the sink, the exact spot the kid needs him.

So, the kid just walks right up and climbs onto the dog's back!

The dog lets him do it, though he does end up sitting down.

At that point though the kid has reached the sink and is able to hoist himself up.

He no longer needs the dog, but he needs his mom to help him get back down!

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