Girl Lies to Dad, Fails to Realize Evidence is All Over Her Face

Okay, we have all told little white lies.

As kids, we lied to our parents all the time to avoid getting in trouble.

We knew it was wrong, and we might get grounded if we were caught, but it seemed worth the risk sometimes. 

This little girl decided to go the route of lying, but did not think the plan through at all.

Her dad questions her about eating some cheese.

She immediately claims that she did not eat any cheese.

He continues to ask her, and she continues to deny it. 

So, what is the problem?

Well, the little girl has a strand of cheese stuck to her chin.

Now, how would that cheese get there if she had not eaten any?

Of course the dad knows that means she did eat some, regardless of how much she adamantly denies it. 

He eventually calls her out on in, asking how the cheese got there if she didn't eat it. 

She immediately reaches for her face and realizes she has been caught in her lie. 

There is no getting out of it this time.

Even the threat of Santa Claus is watching didn't get her to tell the truth.

Will she be punished for lying? 

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