Girl Cannot Believe Anyone Would Compare Dental Surgery to Grey's Anatomy

Don't you just love videos of people after they've had dental work done?

This girl has just had dental surgery done, and was disappointed to find out that dental surgery is nothing like what she's seen on Grey's Anatomy..

Her parents asked her if she was familiar with all the instruments in the room and if they were similar to what she's seen on the show.

She said no, they didn't really let her look around, and then the second part of the question hits her.

She adamantly exclaims that this was a dentist, not a hospital, so definitely not the same thing.

She then goes on to say that Grey's Anatomy is SO MUCH better than the dentist.

She gets pretty worked up by the idea that they might have some of the same stuff, and she says they're not even close.

She also apparently was really hoping someone from Grey's Anatomy would be there.

Not just anyone from the show though, she specifically wanted to see McDreamy himself, Derek Shepherd.

Sadly her favorite character from the show is now dead.

We get it, we all miss McDreamy!

Her mom of course reminds her that he's not really dead, just the character is, but that is probably no comfort to a huge fan!

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