Fish Pulls Off Big Escape!

This dad and son are on a fishing trip.

It appears to have been successful, as they have caught a fish.

The fish is in a bucket full of water, and the little boy is checking it out.

He seems to be pretty fascinated by the fish.

He is also trying to pet it and play with it by reaching his hand into the bucket.

The fish does not seem to be happy in this situation.

He preferred the ocean, and has apparently made the decision to attempt an escape.

It could be dangerous, and he might not make it.

But he does not see any other option but to try.

He sees his window and he goes for it, leaping out of the bucket!

The dad and son can't believe it!

They see the fish on the deck, flopping around out of the water.

His escape attempt does not end there though!

He actually manages to make it all the way back to the ocean and to freedom!

The dad and son are too impressed to be upset.

Check out this fish's crazy escape!

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