Family Receives Surprise of a Lifetime After Natural Disaster Strikes

We hope you are ready for your heartstrings to be tugged out of your chest.

The following video introduces readers to a family that was driving along when disaster struck in the form of a tornado.

As a result, the family's car crashed along the side of the road, prompting their dog Tater to make a scared run for it, sprinting off to God Knows Where.

The family did not have time to look for Tater, however, because they had to go to the hospital in order to make sure everyone was okay.

It wasn't until days later that the family members returned to the truck... and can you guess what they found when they arrived? Or WHO they found, we ought to say?

Yup: TATER!!!

The loyal canine did not go far, remaining around the scene of the accident in the hope that this exact development would take place.

You need to stop whatever you are doing and check out one of Tater's owners reactions upon seeing his lost dog once again.

It's enough to make anyone cry a million tears. Lord knows that we did...

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