Even Monkeys Demand Equal Pay!

Equal pay for equal work, right?

The concept is so simple that even monkeys understand it.

This experiment with two Capuchin monkeys will definitely have you laughing.

The two monkeys are side by side during the experiment.

Basically, the two monkeys "job" was to hand over a rock.

If both monkeys receive a cucumber for successfully completing the simple task, there is no problem.

Both monkeys are willing to do the work for the cucumber.

However, inequality is created when one monkey gets a grape, a superior treat.

In the experiment, you can see that when the monkey on the left gets her first piece of cucumber, she accepts it and eats it.

There is no problem. Yet.

Then the second monkey completes the task and hands over the rock.

But she receives a grape, not a cucumber.

The other monkey sees that, and when she hands over the rock for the second time and receives another cucumber, well, she's not thrilled.

The monkey totally rejects the cucumber, flinging it back at the person in disgust.

She starts demanding a grape by pounding her hand down and shaking her cage.

Her reaction to the cucumber after watching the other monkey receive a grape is hilarious.

Even monkeys understand equal pay for equal work!

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