Emmitt Thunderpaws, Great Dane, Very Happy to Welcome Home Owner From Military Duty!

Suffice it to say, Emmitt Thunderpaws, an aptly named Great Dane, was very happy to welcome home his owner from military duty.

In this video, capturing Emmitt's amazing reunion with Trevor, who was gone for nine months defending our country, he can't deal.

The large canine has been well trained never to jump on anyone, for obvious reasons, but in this case, an exception had to be made.

Amazingly, he looks like he's more shock and disbelief than anything else ... not crying, not barking, just staring Trevor in the eyes.

The long and short of it: All soldiers returning from overseas deserve a welcome like this, because we're all in awe of what they do.

Oh, and dogs are awesome too in their own way.

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