Ellen DeGeneres Scares Guests on Her Show: Watch Her Best Pranks!

Fans of Ellen DeGeneres know she loves a good practical joke as much as the next talk show host ... okay, a heck of a lot more.

Her go-to? Sneaking up on her guests and scaring the pants off of them, either herself or with the aid of production assistants.

Typically in animal costumes for the latter.

No matter how many of these you watch, it doesn't get old seeing stars in the hot seat on stage, or better yet their dressing rooms.

When Ellen herself is creeping on the toilet, and the celebs really have their guard down behind the scenes, that's comedic gold.

Also appropriate and hilarious?

The one star to turn the tables on the puppet master was Jimmy Kimmel, likely the only celeb who loves pranks more than Ellen.

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