Drunk Moms Attempt Pinterest Crafts, Do About as Well as You'd Expect

Have you ever gotten drunk and tried to put something together?

These moms are giving it a try.

They are divided into two groups of two and each has their own craft to attempt.

The first pair tries to put together a "bits and bobs" box and have trouble understanding the directions right off the bat.

The second pair is tasked with putting together a toy guitar.

The ladies get frustrated pretty easily, one of them even whacks herself in the face.

Boredom sets in super fast for another one of the ladies, who claims it would be more fun with her kid, probably because he would do all the work.

Inexplicably, one lady asks if she can take her bra off...because that's a normal thing to do when doing crafts?

All this effort makes one of the moms hungry, and she oddly asks if there are any "spare tacos."

You know, because people just leave those lying around in case of emergency.

There are "Office" references, stabbing with scissors, and lots of giggling as the women make their way through the directions.

Prepare yourselves for the finished products, some of which turned out better than others.

Does this make you want to try your hand at Pinterest crafts after knocking back a few rum and cokes?

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