Dog Won't Stop Stretching to Get Toy

This is a weird one.

It does not make a whole lot of sense, but it is funny and cute anyway, and therefore worth a look.

This dog is practicing his yoga moves and stretching out as far as he can, but it is not quite far enough to reach the toy he wants. 

His back paws stay on the rug the entire time, almost like he is playing a game of "hot lava" and they can't touch the hardwood floor!

His front paws are okay though, but he just cannot reach that toy without moving his back legs off the rug.

So, does he eventually move them?

No, he tries a different approach. 

He pretty much just stands there and barks at it, as if that will somehow make the toy move closer to him.

Can't reach something? Bark at it. Dog logic. 

Does it work? 

Well, not in the sense that the toy moves, of course not. 

But he does end up getting the toy in the end.

Probably because his owner is tired of listening to him stand there and bark at it.

She moves the toy so it is in reach and he stretches out to grab it, still keeping those back legs on the rug!

Why didn't he just go get it? We'll never know, but we'll watch this silly dog anyway!

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