Kitten Won't Let Puppy Pal Watch TV in Peace

It’s dog versus cat…

Or should we say kitten.

And although some may question it…

We’re pretty sure that fluffy creature on the left is a Pomeranian. 

No matter what the breed, this dog is very intent on whatever it is he’s watching.

And we’re assuming that growl means, “Leave me alone!”

But this tiny little tabby kitten isn’t getting the message.

The kitten just couldn’t be any cuter.

Or fiesty.

She doesn’t give up, 

Even when her fluffy companion snaps at her. 

How can anyone not fall in love with that sweet little meow?

Well, we’d guess you’d have to be a dog to be immune.

We just hope the kitty backs off because we’d hate to see her get hurt.

Besides the dog should really be nicer.

Some day that cat will grow claws and kick his fluffy little butt.

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