Dog Poses for Selfie Like a Pro

This is one well trained dog!

Most dogs can be trained to do things like sit, fetch, or shake hands.

But, this dog takes it a step further.

He actually understands that he is supposed to smile for the camera!

When his owner holds up the camera to take a selfie, the dog knows just what to do!

He pulls back his lips and shows his teeth for the picture!

It is a little awkward, because normally a dog barring his teeth is a sign of aggression.

But not in this case.

This dog is simply smiling widely and showing off his pearly whites for the perfect picture!

He does it multiple times on command, so he knows what the word "smile" means.

He also makes a funny noise when he does it.

We're not sure what that is all about.

Maybe he is not really a big fan of smiling for the camera.

He does it anyway, so if he doesn't like it, he is at least a good trooper.

Hopefully he gets a treat for his good behavior after his owner is done taking pictures!

Check out this adorable smiling dog!

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