Dog Dies a Hero, Saves At Least 7 People from Earthquake

Dogs are truly amazing creatures.

They're smart, loyal, and there is a reason they are considered man's best friend.

Dayko, a four year old rescue dog, spent days searching for survivors in the rubble following an earthquake.

The 7.8 degree earthquake in South America was devastating, and left at least 650 people dead.

Dayko credited with rescuing at least seven people, but sadly passed away a few days later.

Dayko succumbed to fatigue and dehydration, as well as injuries sustained while searching for survivors.

Firefighters and vets put their best efforts into saving Dayko, but he sadly suffered a heart attack.

Dayko was buried inside the fire department unit and given a hero's funeral.

Dozens of firefighters and other rescuers, including other rescue dogs, attended the funeral, giving Dayko the proper goodbye he deserved.

While it is extremely sad that Dayko lost his life at such a young age, he was able to go out doing something heroic.

Thanks to his efforts, at least seven people are alive who may not have survived otherwise.

Check out the story of this true canine hero.

Rest in peace Dayko!

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