Dog and Parrot Fight Over Box of Chocolates

We have two hungry animals here.

Both are looking for a treat.

There is only one box of chocolates.

Both of them want it.

Chocolate of course is not good for animals, but that does not stop them from fighting for it.

First, we have a parrot, who seems to have control over the box.

He is perched on top of it and is prepared to defend it at all costs.

However, the dog comes sniffing around, and he is clearly interested in stealing it.

He tries a sneak attack, waiting on the floor a moment before jumping up to scare the parrot.

It doesn't the work, the parrot holds his ground.

The dog realizes he has to make more of an effort if he wants it.

He gets up on the bed and starts snapping his jaws.

He then reaches out with his paw, and success!

The parrot gets scared and flies away, leaving the dog alone with the box.

The dog happily wags his tail and sniffs his prize.

Of course, he can't actually open the box.

Hopefully his owner would stop him before he tried.

Chocolate is really bad for dogs!

Still, the battle between the dog and bird is funny and worth watching!

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