Dad Totally Ruins Mom's Surprise: Find Out How!

Have you ever put a lot of thought into surprising someone?

Has that well planned surprise ever then been completely ruined?

Well, if so, you are not alone.

This mom and dad planned to surprise their kids with a trip to Disney World.

Dad apparently could not wait just a few more seconds.

As soon as he had the camera on the kids, he just blurted out we're going to Disney World. Today.

Mom clearly couldn't believe it.

She asks him, "what did you just do?"

He thought they were telling them, but I guess did not realize just how she planned on telling them.

She decided to go along with what she had planned anyway, and passed a box over to her son. 

He opened the box to reveal where they were going.

Disney World, of course.

For his part, the son still acted totally surprised and very excited. 

He seemed a little stunned when his dad blurted it out, like maybe he didn't quite believe it.

But when he opened the box, he definitely did. 

So the plan wasn't totally ruined. 

The other little boy just sits there watching, pretty much having no idea what is going on, and seems fairly indifferent to the whole thing.

He actually seems upset at one point.

Maybe he wanted to open the box?

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