Cutest Girl Ever Reacts in Delight to Star Wars Trailer

We're not about to proclaim the following very young lady to be the biggest Star Wars fan in the universe.

We know how sensitive a topic that may be to some people and we do not wish to incur anyone's wrath.

But we are going to go ahead and declare this girl to be the most adorable Star Wars fan in the universe.

And we challenge anyone out there to disagree.

In the following video, we get to see the girl's reaction to the first extended trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens... and it's safe to say her parents taught her very well.

Look how excited she gets over every scene. Listen to her screaming in delight. Bask in the way she yells out MILLENNIUM FALCON.

Can we blame her for being so stoked over this footage?

Of course not. We were just as excited ourselves upon first viewing the preview.

But we're not nearly as cute as this little girl. And we can't get nearly enough of this video.

Check it out for yourself now:

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