Bunny Yoga is a Thing That Actually Exists (And We Wish We Were Doing Right Now)

Look, we really don't want to get overly excited here.

We don't want to go all crazy or exaggerate too much or scare away our readers.

But... well... the following video features clips from a class of bunny yoga and we sort of can't handle it right now.

Allow us to say that again: BUNNY YOGA!!!!!

The video comes to us from Canadian-based Sunberry Fitness, which partnered for at least one class with Bandaids for Bunnies, a local rescue for rabbits.

For whatever reason (Who cares the reason?!? Look at how cute these bunnies are below!), someone decided that it would be nice for the bunnies to take part in the yoga class and also, of course, nice for the participants to have the bunnies there.

We might also add that it's very nice for us to watch all of this take place as well.

“They like to choose their human," the studio's owner says. "The bunnies really like the mats."

We don't even know what to say anymore. Just sit back and watch this footage and let's all give thanks that something such as bunny yoga exists.

This is amazing.

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