Big, Tough Doberman Isn’t So Big and Tough When Faced with THIS

Oh, Tessa the Doberman.

Your owners have the perfect piece of blackmail footage to rub in your face any time you act up now going forward.

In one of the funniest videos we've seen in a very long time, but this supposedly big and tough dog is just lying down and relaxing; at peace, ready to attack whatever comes its way.

Because that's what Dobermans do, right?

Except a miniature version of the dog itself then wanders into the room and Tessa simply cannot handle it.

Her reaction is positively priceless.

It would be positively priceless for any dog, but this is a Doberman we're talking about it.

This is allegedly the biggest, toughest, most fearsome dog breed out there.

But click Play on the video below and see it reduced to nothing but a hilarious scaredy cat. All because of a toy.


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