Big Cat Bloopers! What Happens When Filming Goes Wrong?

Big Cat Rescue, the wild cat sanctuary in Tampa, Florida produces a lot of videos.

Sometimes they don’t go according to plan. 

But is that the fault of the animal or the human?

A little of both, it appears.

We’re pretty sure the veterinary staff making fun of a tiger’s testicles didn’t make the final edit. 

And the real cats are way more convincing than the human in the lion suit.

Even the little cats get into the act.

Like when a kitten decides to work on someone’s hair style while they’re doing an adopt-a-cat promo.

Perhaps the humans should just step aside and let the animals take center stage. 

Because when they’re being goofy, they are completely adorable. 

And totally funny. 

This makes us wonder how many takes they have to go through before they can actually post a video!

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