Mother-to-Be Finds Amazing Way to Honor Late Husband in Maternity Photo Shoot

The following photo gallery will break your heart.

But that doesn't mean it is not worth your time.

It tells the story of Nicole Bennett and her husband Deonta. Already parents to a son, they were two months away from their second child entering the world when Deonta tragically died.

But Nicole then worked with photographer Sidney Conley to include her late husband in her unusual, moving maternity photo shoot.

Just look at the incredible results below...

1. Together Forever

Together Forever
Deonta was the one who had the idea to do a maternity shoot with Nicole and their four-year-old son, Landen, before his wife gave birth.

2. Should We Cancel It?

Should We Cancel It?
Nicole understandably thought about calling the shoot off, but then Conley said she could find a way to make it special.

3. Nicole and Landen and...

Nicole and Landen and...
... yes, Deonta. After snapping pictures of mother and son, Conley later added their later husband/father digitally.

4. Always Looking Over His Family

Always Looking Over His Family
"It brings me to tears, looking at the photos myself," says Conley of her work. Same for us.

5. A Lifetime of Memories

A Lifetime of Memories
"I wanted to do something special because he’s been there for my son since day one," Nicole told ABC News. "It’s memories for my son of his father and for my daughter who will never meet her father, it’s memories for her as well."

6. Gone Viral

Gone Viral
These touching photos have been shared over 100,000 times on Conley's Facebook page. It's easy to see why. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family.

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