Baby and Pit Bull Puppy Have Been BFFs Since Birth

This is the story of Eisleigh and her pit bull, Clyde.

And it's a very simple story:

Eisleigh's parents adopted Clyde as a puppy, right around the same time as they welcomed their daughter into the world.

And the result, as you're about to see below, is a friendship that may very well cause you to pass out from cuteness overload.

(NOTE: All photos are courtesy of Instagram user "brandileigh080.")

1. Besties from the Beginning

Besties from the Beginning
Nap time is over. Fun time can now begin!

2. Cutest. Friends. EVER.

Cutest. Friends. EVER.
"These two. I've never seen anything quite like it," wrote the baby's mother as a caption to this image.

3. Cute Cuddles

Cute Cuddles
The cutest cuddles, we should say.

4. Who Says Pit Bulls are Mean?

Who Says Pit Bulls are Mean?
Seriously, take a close look at this photo. Who says that now?!?

5. They're Growing Up!

They're Growing Up!
But remaining the very best of friends.

6. Stay There, Clyde!

Stay There, Clyde!
I've got an idea...

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