Adopted Kittens Cuddle, Set Internet Record for Cuteness

The following photo gallery tells the story of two kittens who weren't simply adopted together.

But who have also formed an ever-lasting, special relationship together.

"We named the grey and white one Turnip, after the grey and white cat off of The Princess and the Goblin and the black one my dad named Buckwheat, after his favorite character from the Little Rascals," owner Haley Williams tells Love Meow.

Learn more about these adorable pets below...

1. Together Forever

Together Forever
Williams says "they are now three years old and are inseparable. They have completely opposite personalities. Turnip is a HUGE trouble maker. And Buckwheat is the little angel who does no wrong. We call them sisters."

2. Co-Sleeping

She adds of the animals: "Turnip prefers to sleep with my sister, cuddled up under her blankets, and Buckwheat makes me spoon her before she can fall asleep. If I roll over she'll crawl back over to me and flop around on my face until I spoon her again."

3. Making Like a Pretzel

Making Like a Pretzel
We can't handle all this cuteness. And we aren't even done with the photos yet!

4. Just Hanging Out...

Just Hanging Out...
... together, of course.

5. Taking a Nap

Taking a Nap
Buckwheat is using Turnip like a pillow here. But we don't think he minds.

6. Taking Another Nap

Taking Another Nap
And enjoying each other's company, of course.

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