19 REALLY Questionable Parenting Decisions

There are fewer more challenging jobs on the planet than that of mother and father. We know this.

But we're still not entirely sure if that excuses some of the behavior featured below.

Take a look now at some of the worst parenting fails to ever be featured on the Internet...

1. Slurpee Over Baby?

Slurpee Over Baby?
At least there's a rug over that 7-Elevn floor... we guess.

2. A Little Help Here Please!

A Little Help Here Please!
Pssst... dad! I'm back here, remember!

3. Hello? Can Anyone Hear Me?

Hello? Can Anyone Hear Me?
This isn't the kind of fort in which I like to play.

4. Focus, Son!

Focus, Son!
Make sure you get my best side.

5. Mom? Mom? MOM!?!?!?

Mom? Mom? MOM!?!?!?
Please, God, stop.

6. Two Hands at All Times!

Two Hands at All Times!
This applies to catching fly balls in baseball and also to holding your child.

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