14 Very Ill-Advised Mom Selfies

We know, we know: Parents embarrass their kids all the time.

Still... few parents around the world have embarrassed their kids in the sort of epic fashion as the subjects of the following selfies.

We have to ask: What were these mothers thinking?!?

1. I'll Feed You Later

I'll Feed You Later
This is far more important, okay?!?

2. At Least She's Covered Up?

At Least She's Covered Up?
We guess? Right?

3. Bad Idea, Mom!

Bad Idea, Mom!
Don't say I didn't warn you!

4. Don't Turn Around, Son

Don't Turn Around, Son
Not until I tell you to.

5. Is This My Good Side?

Is This My Good Side?
What do you think, kids?

6. Oh... Hi Son

Oh... Hi Son
How long have you been standing there?

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